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Philosophy - Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

"We can live and learn in a harmonious and balanced way with a radiant vibrant energy."

"Whether it is a class, course or workshop on Yoga, Meditation, Reiki or a therapy to Vitalize your Chakras. I will be delighted to be of assistance to you". Caroline

"Hi, my name is Caroline Traynor Bohny. I was born in Ireland and I am qualified and experienced as a teacher of Yoga, Reiki & English as well as having studied and worked in Management. My work has taken me to lots of different cities and countries, including: Paris, London, Barcelona, New York, Saudi Arabia, New York, Bangkok and Hong Kong. I have been living and working on this magical island of Fuertevenura in the Canary Islands for the past 12 years."

Some of what we can offer at a glance;

Yoga & Meditation
o Yoga & Meditation classes for individuals and groups
o Yoga in schools
o Yoga for primary & secondary teachers
o Meditation - bringing the mind into silence and entering into higher consciousness
o Yoga for surfers
o 20 mns surf stretch
o Yoga on the beach
o Yoga for kids
o Freestyle yoga

2 & 5 Day Yoga for well being and happiness courses
o Chakras & balancing 
o Your level of energy & how to recharge your energy system
o The different dimensions & where you are at
o How to open up to higher levels of consciousness
o Drawing down higher levels of consciousness into your body
o Tools for your physical, mental & spiritual life

Vitalize your chakras
o Individual session (60mns) 
o Technique using energy work, Reiki, stones & guided meditation 

Mindfulness meditation course - learn to meditate like a monk

Kundalini - learn how to awaken the kundalini energy safely and surely

Kundalini Reiki iniciation & healings

Stress Management course 

Learn how to use a pendulum & divining rods

Learn how to heal yourself

Spiritual retreats

Spiritual growth

Personal teacher

Tailor made course just for you or your group
Individual & small groups guaranteed
Our many clients have been amazed to discover new tools for life by learning new ways to understand themselves and those around them through the individual and orignal approach that we provide. Our comprehensive services means that you can come to us from all walks of life and be confident of receiving an excellent personalised service every time. 
We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes, couses or therapies. Let us share with you our knowledge and experience!

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