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Yoga for Schools - Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

Yoga tools & tips for teachers

TOOLS & TIPS FOR TEACHERS are simple yoga-based practices that anyone can do in 5 – 15 minutes and experience immediate and long-term positive results in focus, energy, concentration, learning readiness, fitness and productivity. All Yoga Tools activities are designed for the classroom and require no previous experience or extra equipment or space.I invite you to learn how to use Yoga Tools on a daily basis and experience how easily you can transform your inner state from chaos to calm, frustration to finesse, tired to energized, tense to relaxed or distracted to integrated and, in just a few minutes, be a more effective teacher. Help yourself as well as your students feel and do better by incorporating Yoga Tools into your daily routine.

Happier children make happier teachers

Yoga for kids
Yoga in schools inspires children to explore yoga and creative movement as a positive form of expression to develop the child as a whole. Students develop:
1. their ability to concentrate
2. techniques to relax at will and to overcome stress
3. body awareness and control
4. self esteem as they observe their own progress 

Yoga for Teachers
breathing exercise  -to create awareness
yoga poses- to increase flexibility and strengthen their bodies
games -  to create inner qualities and values
relaxation -to calm their bodies & minds
Yoga Tools for Primary Teachers
Yoga tools for Secondary Teachers

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