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Happiness Courses - Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

"Yoga for well-being and happiness" 2 day or 5 day courses
Programme 5 day course
Programme 2 day course

What to expect
We will work on the 5 points of the science of yoga: breathing, exercises, relaxation, meditation and diet.
On each of the days we will be having a yoga class followed by meditation. There will be presentations on each of the days to give you valued knowledge to learn how to manage your energy and open yourself up to higher levels of consciousness and draw that consciousness into every cell of your being and most importantly how to return to being grounded once more and managing your daily lives but with new knowledge and a new ways of understanding not only yourself but the world around you. 
 We begin by looking at your chakras and seeing what your energy levels are like in order to plan for your individual needs, to look at the areas which are your weak points and draw up an individual yoga programme for you. Also by looking at where you are at on the map of the dimensions we can see where is your level of and in which dimension. The next step is to bring your energetic bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual into harmony and balance.

"Discover the ancient science of the chakras - an effective way to balance and recharge your energy system on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual"

Your personal chakra reading.
Learn: correct breathing, 28 asanas, relaxation, meditation & diet.
learn about the different dimensions of consciousness and where you are at.
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it". Albert Einstein 
How to open up to higher levels of consciousness and integrate them into every cell of your being
Open your mind to new ways of thinking
Your individual yoga plan
Connect with the elements
Meditate like a monk

"Happiness is your nature. There is nothing wrong with wanting it. What is bad is to look without when in fact it is within you"

"These past 5 days doing the Yoga course with you have been the happiest of my life". 

"The truth is that the 5 day course has helped me a lot and I have a lot of great memories of our time together, I would like to continue to learn with you" 
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